Friday, March 25, 2011


"To my beloved adik...Azam Minerva who managed to score 7Asz in SpM..dont feel frustrated xdpt straight As...i still love u baby..its a long way to go...hehe..ok pe 7A..xla teruk sgt.."

Well..thats my shout out on fb..
on 23rd March 2011..
azam arrived at alor setar from kl..
get a nap..
and wake up that morning..
i am excited too at the moment..
feel really curious to know his result.
we went to his school after ayah and danial come back from merentas desa.
After waiting for so long..
at last his result come in and he manage to score 7As in his SPM
he seem to be upset and disappointed..
my parents..
to his shock..he get b in English..
but for me it is still ok..
life is not only for straight As people..
it is made for everyone..
whether u get As or not..
there is always pathway for you to go on..
no matter u get in a polytechnic or ikm or university..
as long as u never give up..
n dont be lazy..
i admit i am lazy
i am planning to change myself..
be a better girl
a better sister for my sibling
a better daughter for my parents
a better friend for my friends..hehe

i know..azam didn't manage to score because he is too lazy yet too bz merempit
with his 135LC..

if u work harder before this,.,i bet u get the straight As
but it still ok la adikku..u r not too bad..
7A is always ok..
i am praying for you to get place in UPNM as u wishes...
last but not least
i am proud of u..


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Nur Amira said... pon try bg semangat untuk adik..supaya dy jgn stop usaha untuk berjaya