Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kunci Syurga

ak tgh sedih2..upset...tgok video ak regain my spirit.
La ila ha illallah..
tiada tuhan yang berhak disembah melainkan Allah..


too hurt to talk about anything rite now..

just hurt..

i hate the way i feel..

i hate when i become like this..

just hurt n feel the pain..

i feel like crying my lungs out,..

my focus..

merry gone.,,all gone

i hate this

the anguish..bruises

feel like jumping through out the window of my room..

but die is not easy
it is not the path
i wont choose it
i dont want to die
i am too scared of hell
penalty of the FIRE..
i am hurt....
because u hurt me...

Friday, August 13, 2010

Dr Thaaer Alsaad

ni dokterr yg agak ngeri gak for some people including me la..
ak cuak lepas ade la kanak2 riang kelas ak kena marah kes body dlm kelas..
tp mental kat luar...
logik la der,..
ade ko nk fokus 2jam ngadap muka lecturer..
ak pon xberjaya pertahan takhta concentration ak ketika lecture semalam
and caught red handed tgh berangan terkenangkan journey ak balik kg smbot posa last week..
best woo...
xnk cer neway pasal tu..

exam mid term ak tu...

disebabkan penat n beria2 baca pasal male reproducticve system n too much about prostate n penis...
i almost put ~I love Penis~ as shout out kat fb ok...
naseb baik kewarasan ak melarang
teringat ak xfilter ak nye fb,.,
kang terbaca dek ayah den..
thats all
now its all about girl...
wanna have fun with FEmale Reproductive System!

the more i get..the more i want..bak kata pitbulll

Sunday, August 8, 2010


There was a time when I actually believed,
That I loved you and you loved me
When stars came out late at night,
I dreamed of you 'til morning light
When things between us went so wrong,
Our voids of silence became too long
You said the words which made me cry,
You left me alone to save your pride
When I started to walk away,
A part of me still made me stay
I still remember the times we shared,
When for each other we actually cared
When your presence bought a smile to my face,
And a single kiss kept me smiling for days
I dedicated my life to you,
And you always said you loved me, too
Now I don't understand how it could be
Your caring affection is no longer for me
I remember our songs, smiles, and notes
The underlying warmth of the words we spoke
After all that, I still ask myself
How could I ever love anyone else?
You turned away when I needed you most,
How much you hurt me; you'll never know
Now I have to heal my heart
But I am clueless as to where to start
How do you expect me to act this way,
As if everything's fine and nothing's changed
I want you to know this pain I've been through
I've been hurt badly but now I'm over you
Because I know if we were meant to be,
Someday your heart will bring you back to me
I'll love again, I'll see blue skies
but untill then, I'm leaving you.
I'm saying goodbye.