Monday, April 26, 2010

Dont hurt...

its see things that already hurt me..hurt other again..almost same tears drop..burst...i am pain...not yet agony...but keep hurting me.,..

i promise
i wont hurt my ayah n mak feeling
i will try hard to be a good anak to them
i will do my best to accompany them
i spend as much time i can with them,
to love them with all my heart
i know ayah love me so much.
.no one can love me like my ayah do...
he cares so much for all his children..
he loves us really much..
my mak n ayah has dedicated their live to grew us well..

p/s: i promise i wont hurt my parents who loves me so much...i wont hurt people who care n love me..i wont..i dont want to


kasih dania said...

meah...insyALLAH..u will not hurt them ok..try ur best in ur study n also in ur life..u cn do it...=) amin..cheer ok..=0

Nur Amira said...

skrg mcm sng nk care for them sbb mea memerlukan will the day..i dont need them but they need me..will i be the same loving daughter? will i...i hope i wont change

khUthU said...

heyyy.. its all good hunny :) ur doing a great deal in the world for them.. believe me.

i like ur picture snapping. was googling for pictures and i found one of ur labour room pic, a newborn surronded by a couple of nurses in purple. and his newly upgraded brother is waiting outside the ward. those are super cool.. i jog sometimes in tSa. so.. heads up haha.

take care.

Nur Amira said...

kuthu: sebenarnya tu bukan abg neonate(adam) tu..tu bapak sedara(danial) dy yang bongsu...sekarang baby tu dah umo 4bulan..paksu dy mmg syg sgt kat xpandai sgt tgkap tgkap je mne sempat pakai camera biase