Tuesday, December 22, 2009

masalah2 ibu mengandung...what will i do as a doctor?

Maternal & Foetal Conflicts
1. What account for the rising awareness of maternal foetal conflicts?
We must count on the mother`s life and safety and her baby life safety, life and health too. The mother`s decision and her partner decision.

2. What happen then medical therapy is indicated for one patient yet contraindicated for other?
We must count both safety and help both of them. If it is harmful for one of them, then we need to avoid it. We could talk with the family and give explanation with reasons plus consequences of the therapy. We must determine which one is the most priority based on the comparison of the condition of both of them.

3. When does a foetus or newborn become a person?
Foetus is thought as a person since the fertilisation occurs that is when it is at zygote form.

4. People have rights, does a foetus have right?
Foetus has right. They are human too.

5. What if maternal decision seems to be based on unusual believes?
Talk to the family and that particular person so that they understand the need of that treatment. Told her that God creates us and He gives us brain to thinks. God ask us to try hard and then pray for His help.

6. What about obtaining court order force pregnant to comply?
I agree because i think not every pregnant woman is aware of their health condition and their needs.